Wednesday, July 20, 2016

8 Month Old

Jett is 8 months old already and pretty soon he'll be turning 9 months. Where o' where is the time going? Someone asked me the other day if I've thought about his birthday yet. Excuse me? He's still a baby, and I certainly can't even think about him turning one yet. 

At 8 months old Jett is still waking in the night, but at least it seems to be contained to only once a night. If we're lucky like last night, he slept all the way through till 5:30 am, drank a bottle and went back to sleep. We had to wake him at 7:15am to get ready for daycare. I can handle that type of sleep schedule. Jett also is starting to eat and enjoy food, HOORAY!! Some of his favorites are the Mum Mum wafer crackers, bananas, and blue berries. He seems to do best eating independently but yet when it comes to drinking a bottle, you have to hold it.

A few weeks ago Jett popped two more teeth making the total to 4 and just this week, he started to grind his teeth. My dad just says he's sharpening them up! Jett loves his big brother. Following him around, climbing on him, playing with his toys and in his room. It sure melts my soul when I see both my boys together and the joy on Jett's face when big brother plays or reads to him. Jett's also a big fan of cords. LOVES cords, climbing on anything and even sitting in the nook under our end tables. He pulls himself up on anything or anyone. In fact, Amy our babysitter said that whenever another mom picks up their child from daycare, Jett crawls over to them and climbs up their leg so they'll pick him up. He loves attention, even strangers notice his beaming smile when someone looks or talks to him.

It's still skeptical but every day more and more it looks like Jett might be turning into a red head or strawberry blonde. I love it and hope that he get a full head soon enough so we can see once and for all. Other favorites of Jett include baths, his taggie blanket, milk, sitting up in a cart all by himself, crawling into the bathroom, crawling through tunnels and chewing on necklaces. 

He's a joy and we are so blessed to call him our son.

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