Sunday, February 12, 2012

20 weeks!

It's been an exciting week. I am officially half over with my pregnancy! These first 20 weeks went so fast, I can't believe it. The next 20 will be even more exciting. Here's what I'm looking like at 20 weeks....

By now the baby is the size of a banana and weighing in a little under a pound.The baby is also moving more and more each day. At 20 weeks the baby can also hear my voice. It is said I should start talking and singing to the baby to get him/her more familiar with my voice and noises.

Other exciting news this week is my Valentine's Day present. I'm excited!! For my Valentine's Day present, Mike bought my a diaper bag. It may sound strange for a Valentine's Day gift or the fact that I'm so excited about it. But I love this diaper bag. I've been eye it online for weeks and weeks. Here's a look of the beauty.

I have my obsessions about purses so it only seems fitting that my diaper bag be fashionable as well. Plus it's one of my first purchases for the baby. 

Next up, Valentine's Day and finding out what this little blessing is....boy or girl. We are so excited and continue to pray that the baby and I stay healthy. We also pray that the baby cooperates on Tuesday so we can find out the sex. Have a great week everyone!

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