Thursday, October 25, 2012

Celebrating 40 with Cali Girl in town!

I have been off work since Friday. Big things happened in the Nelson household. Michael turned 40 and Michael's sister Kelly from California came to visit us and meet Sullivan. On Friday I was SUPER busy cleaning, getting groceries, picking up birthday cake and running other errands in preparation for a big weekend. 

Kelly arrived into the Des Moines airport last Thursday night and then drove to Cedar Falls last Friday. It was great seeing Kelly. Mike and I have been off  work enjoying our time with her and Mike's parents this week. We did a lot of talking, cooking, eating, shopping and more eating. Kelly was a wonderful guest and she will be missed. Hopefully when Sullivan gets older in a couple of years we can venture out to California to visit her and her two girls. 

On Sunday we celebrated a big milestone for Michael. He turned 40! I believe all four of us were awake around midnight wishing Michael a very happy birthday. We didn't do much that day except what Michael loves best, watching football. We went to church that morning, watched football all day, presents in the afternoon, dinner including yummy taco pizza at Godfathers that night, followed by the best birthday cake. I follow this blog which is so adorable and came across a lady she uses for birthday cakes. I decided to give her a try and wasn't disappointed. The cake looked fabulous, tasted oh so yummy and was very reasonably priced. We will be using her again. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent shopping in Waterloo and downtown Main Street in Cedar Falls. Wish I would have taken more pictures but here's what I got. Love you Kelly and we hope you had a wonderful time with us!!


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