Sunday, January 6, 2013

6 months and growing.....

Today is a big day, it's Sullivan's half birthday! Hard to believe 6 months ago I was in the hospital holding this little bundle of joy wondering what his personality would be. Would he look like Mike and myself, would he have red hair, blue or green eyes, tall, short, chubby or thin? Although we are starting to see what kind of person Sullivan will be, we still have more to find out. Come hair grow, we need to know if you will have brown or red hair!!

Sullivan is definitely the joy in our lives. I love his little squirmy self, never settling to just sit still. I love how he giggles when you tickle him at his wait, under his arms or in the nook of his neck. I love how everything goes in his mouth and that even though he is still young he knows when he's doing something he shouldn't. I also love how he crosses his arm over his mouth whenever he's hungry or tired. I need to get a picture of that...

At 6 months old Sullivan is sleeping through the night most of the time. With the except of a growth spurt this last week, you usually sleep from 7:45ish to 6 in the morning. You love cereal and usually have 2 to 3 helpings every night. We can't wait to see what other food you will like soon. Sullivan also is rolling all over the place and it is only a matter of time before you will be on the move. His little legs are ready to crawl but he hasn't figures out the upper body part. We also gave Sullivan a sippy cup last week with a little water in it not sure he would like or know what to do with it. Surprising he grabbed the cup with both hands and stuck it right in his mouth and started to suck/chew. 

Our baby boy is growing so fast. 6 months from now it will be July 6th. The weather will be hot, our little tot will be turning one. I'm sure in 6 months he will be close if not walking and he may even be jabbering more. I'm trying my best to savor every moment of his life. 

Happy 6 months Sullivan!!

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