Thursday, January 24, 2013

Give me more!!

Today Sullivan had his 6 month checkup. We are a little behind since he was sick and life is busy!! He is doing great, and boy is he growing. Today we had some great news from the doctor.....we can now start baby food! 

In addition to the cereal he's been eating we can now introduce meats, yes meats. Our doctors advised us to start Sullivan on plain meats, then go to vegetables and last fruits. Why you may ask? Well it actually makes good sense. Fruits are sweet and if you give them to your baby first they will like them and only them. Some vegetables can also be sweet, so we start with something that has very little to no sugar in it and gradually work it in his appetite.

Tonight was the big night. I could hardly wait until dinner time to give him some chicken. I mixed up a batch of cereal and opened the jar of organic chicken and brown rice. Half and half on the spoon, in the mouth and two seconds later we hear, "Mmmm." The boy loves it!! 

I love him so much and love that he loves food. Hopefully down the road he will not be a picky eater. Here's a video clip of our little stud eating his first bit of baby food.

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