Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A First

There has been a lot going on at the Nelson household. Too much of bad things and we can't wait to get back to normal. 

On Friday afternoon a good friend of mine, Allison was watching Sullivan. She called me shortly before I was about to leave work. Sullivan had stopped eating and had a temperature. When I picked him up and brought him home sure enough he was hot to the touch and running a fever. It progressed through the evening and Saturday morning we had our first trip to Urgent Care. The verdict was.....nothing. Doctor said he was breathing fine, ears were good, temp had gone down, and it was just a cold running it's course. 

The weekend went on with good and bad moments. Fever going up and then going back down. One thing that continued to get worse was his cough. By Monday morning I decided it was a no go for daycare or work and it was time to make an appointment with his pediatrician. After an hour and half at the doctor, we came home with a nebulizer, treating him for bronchitis. My poor baby boy sounds like a barking seal and can cough so hard he vomits! Today was better, less coughing but the cough still sounds horrible. I hope and pray he has major improvements tomorrow so I can go back to work on Thursday and we can get back on schedule. 

I love my cuddle time these last couple of days. It's been great keeping him away from other germs and making sure he gets plenty of naps. Today we did have some time to sit and watch the birds in our backyard. Hard to tell he's not feeling well, but being awake for a couple of hours and trying to play wears this little guy out.

Hoping he's all better by Saturday for his 6 month pictures. I want my smiley, happy, healthy boy back. Spring can't come soon enough!

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