Sunday, February 3, 2013

Scooting and homemade baby food

What a weekend! This has been such a nice weekend and a busy one too. On Friday, my friend, Allison and I headed to Cedar Rapids to meet another friend, Lindsey for dinner. So great catching up with these ladies. At times I was laughing so hard I nearly peed my pants! 

On Saturday we woke up late, hurried to clean the driveway off from the nightly dusting of more snow as well as clean the house all before my parents, sister and her two boys arrived. We all had lunch and then us ladies with the kids did a little shopping while Mike and my dad went to Menards. That evening after the family left we decided to have some friends over for a casual dinner. We had such a good time but boy were the Nelsons tuckered out by the end of the night.

This morning after church the boys settled in for a nap while I got busy making a couple of meals for the week, football food for tonight's Super Bowl, and turkey for some homemade baby food. Sullivan has been enjoying cereal as well as chicken and now turkey. I decided today's the day to whip out my baby food maker and give it a go. I bought a turkey breast fillet for about $3.00, cooked it in the oven and  then pureed it in my baby food maker. I love this tool and cannot wait to make more goods in it. This machine can cook/steam the food right in it and then puree them to be creamy smooth or somewhat chunky for when we start introducing texture. 

Another exciting milestone happened today as well. Sullivan is officially on the move.....we've got a scooter!! Yes, we have been noticing off and on now that he will try to scoot towards something he wants but usually he does one move and then gets frustrated. Well today's the day! He saw the maraca, wanted it and decided to scoot his little self to it. Once he got there he decided to roll over and give it a shake. 

Our little boy is growing way too fast. Guess I better start Sullivan-proofing the house. Nothing is safe now.

Video of Sullivan scooting:

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