Sunday, February 24, 2013

This kid cracks me up!

So I have a small's video taping my son! He seems to be learning new things and changing like crazy. Video tapping these moments is a way for me to archive all the little milestones so that someday, Mike, Sullivan and I can look back at them. As Sullivan is getting older and bigger his personality is getting more and more apparent. He is a spunky, independent, demanding, cuddle bug at night and curious george by day little lover that has a smile to melt anyone's heart. 

Just like any other night, Sullivan was playing in his jumperoo after he gets done eating his dinner while Mike and I eat ours. For some reason I thought of the idea of putting him in the jumperoo thinking this would be a little more calmer for him after he just ate a big meal. I didn't want him to sit or lay on the floor thinking that may result in him puking all over. As you can see in the video, I don't think he's playing too calmly. In fact every time he's in this jumperoo this is what he does. 

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