Thursday, March 7, 2013

8 months old

Mr. Sullivan turned 8 months old yesterday! As I was holding this little squiggly worm last night, who wanted nothing to do with being held like a baby but rather wanted to scoot on the floor and play, I was reminded of the night he was born. Us in our hospital room, not sure what the future would hold, who he'd look like or what his personality would be. Sullivan is everything and more of what I dreamed our baby boy would be like. He's a happy, energetic, spunky, still stubborn gentleman that looks sometimes like mommy and sometimes like daddy.

Here's what our little guy is doing at 8 months:

  • sitting on his own
  • first tooth popped through, it's his top right, noticed it on Sunday
  • army crawling all over the place
  • working on transitioning from sitting to crawling or lay down (sometimes we do have face plants)
  • eating breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as 5 bottles a day
  • loves his meats, veggies and now fruits
  • working on feeding himself, in fact he love baby num nums and dairy free fruit melts
  • loves to sing, more on that later...
  • working on waving buh-bye
  • loves when you sing, read, or talk to him (especially when animated)
  • loves phones and remotes and anything crinkly sounding
  • can stand up in laundry basket all by himself

We are anxiously awaiting spring for stroller walks and wagon rides. I have a feeling he will love the outdoors and won't ever want to come in in the spring and summer. On our must to buy....swing for the boy and grill for the parents so we can spend hours outside.

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