Monday, March 25, 2013

Whoa Baby!

Where does the time go? Let's see what has happened in the last two weeks since my last post....

1. I got a new job! I am still going to be working at Lincoln Savings Bank. But I'll be working out of our Waterloo branch and my new position is Loan File Management Specialist. I am going to be overseeing a new program that scans and maintains all our loan files from vehicle to personal to consumer to commercial to real estate to agriculture. I love it and can't wait to start. New opportunities, better hours, flexible hours and endless doors opening for bigger careers. Until I fully transition to my new job, I am still a CSA/teller and attending meetings on a weekly basis for my new job. Life is definitely busy for me.

2. Sullivan now has 3 teeth! We have two tops and one bottom. His smile is adorable and I need to capture it for everyone else to see. Now that we have teeth, I am working on more foods to get him to eat independently and stuff to bite or chew. He LOVES baby mum mums, fruit melts, and puffs. We also feed him cooked diced carrots, bananas and peas along with his regular meals. 

3. Standing the beginning of this month we were playing on a weekday night and I decided to stick Sullivan in a laundry basket to entertain him. Little did I know that as soon as I would plop his little tush down, he would pull himself up to stand in the basket.

Since then we've been working on standing up and strengthening those leg muscles. The result....this weekend Sullivan has successfully pulled himself up twice to stand up by the couch. He also pulls himself to stand up next to his lego wagon and upside down laundry basket.

4. Buh-bye.....For a while now I've been trying to teach Sullivan to wave buh-bye. He knows what it means but hasn't figured how to create that motion with his own hand. Today it finally clicked. 

Like every morning when I bring Sullivan to daycare, I bring him in his room, either hand him to one of his teachers or set him on the floor to play with his buddy, William and wave and say "buh-bye Sullivan" usually about 3 to 4 times. Every night we repeat except instead of telling me buh-bye we tell his teachers buh-bye. Tonight I picked him up, got his report for the day and was ready to walk out the door and perform our usual routine of buh-byes to the teachers. This time however instead of me saying and waving buh-bye to the teachers all by myself, Sullivan's chubby little hand started flapping open and closed. I could believe he was waving buh-bye. 

We decided to test it out again with daddy when we got home since daddy had to leave to run an errand. Again that chubby, puffy little hand started to wave buh-bye. 

Time is slipping on by....soon he will be turning 9 months old. As much as I love his daycare, I have seemed to miss him so much during the day this past week and half. I feel I need to soak up every bit of his life before he is no longer a baby. He is my joy. I couldn't imagine my life without him....

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