Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sullivan's 1st Easter

Today we celebrated Easter, the day Jesus rose from the dead!

This morning we attended service at my sister's church. It was beautiful; they have the best band I have ever seen or should I say heard! After church my parent's hosted Easter brunch. Great seeing family and eating yummy food. After everyone's tummies were full it was time to get to the good then the egg hunt. This year we opted to have it indoors since there is still snow on the ground and it is pretty muddy from all the rain we received the day before. 

When we got back to Cedar Falls, we saw that the Easter bunny showed up to our house while we were gone. Leaving behind treats for Sullivan's and a new outdoor swing to play in when the weather warms up as well as a couple of cadbury eggs for Mike and I to enjoy.

We also celebrated Easter a little early with Mike's parents last weekend. It was so nice of them to come down and visit us. Sullivan loves both of his grandparents very much and loves when he gets to see them. 

All in all I'd say he had a great first Easter. Now, ready or not Monday is creeping around the corner again. Why do the weekends always have to go so fast?

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