Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Italiano de Nelson

Hey there, remember us......we're the Nelsons!

Sorry it's been so long since I posted last. Boy, have we had a couple of busy weeks. Let's see we've had someone break out in a rash, a trip to Urgent Care, sold a vehicle, it's raining non-stop, a trip to the ER, looking for a new vehicle all while only have one vehicle for the family of 3, and more rain. Did I mention it's raining cats and dogs outside? In the past couple of weeks it has pretty much rained 90% of the time. Our rivers are full, the streets have mini lakes, and our spouts and gutters can't gobble the water up fast enough. When will we ever see sun? When will we ever have nice weather????

Okay, so now that I'm done recapping you on that, let's get to the good stuff! Tonight I took the plunge every mother has to do. I'm not one to like messes and prides myself with having a child that is always clean, free from hanging boogers, crustys in hair and is always well dressed. The idea of giving a child tomatoey pasta and letting him feed himself seems a little crazy. On the other hand, the joy of seeing your child feed himself those tiny, slippery noodles and get excited about it, well that's definitely worth it in my book. Yes tonight was spaghetti night. 

I decided rather than trying to feed Sullivan and avoiding the mess or giving him something other than spaghetti we will all get messy together. I missed bath night last night. I'm all messed up from staying home on Monday for Memorial Day. Tonight was makeup bath night and the perfect night for spaghetti. Rather than staining any clothes, we undressed Sull into nothing but a diaper and bib. Chopped up some noodles with beef, green peppers and mushrooms and tomato sauce then poured it out on his tray. We didn't expect anything less. He dove in two handfuls first and gobbled it up. This little boy loves spaghetti and by the end of the meal he figured out how he likes to eat it, by picking up one tiny little noodle at a time. We also had cheesy garlic bread and he seemed to enjoy that. 

I'm sure we will have another spaghetti night down the road, but I'm okay with it not being too frequent. Praying for sunny, dry skies and good luck on getting a vehicle. We are starting to get tired of carpooling every morning.

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