Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers and Bride

This weekend was another busy one. We were on the road to North Liberty, IA for yet another wedding. My cousin Melissa got married to her sweetheart, Mark. It was such a beautiful wedding and such a beautiful bride. We had a great time having a little getaway and seeing family. 

It was also Sullivan's first time in a hotel. At first I didn't think it was going to go well. A super tired boy in one room with his parents where said boy moves hearing anything, paper thin walls, and a hotel full of teen boys in town for a baseball tournament running up and down halls all equals out to be a complete disaster. After a little rearranging of his sleeping arrangements, Sullivan went down and slept for most of the night with little fussing. 

Congrats again Mark & Melissa. Enjoy married life!

Remember Sullivan's buddy Colin?? Colin is my cousin Nicole's little boy who was born 3 days before Sullivan. Every time we get together we have to see how the boys are growing. You can find our previous comparison here. I did have another photo from last fall but it seems I never blogged on it. Anyways these boys are growing like weeds and before we know it they will both be celebrating their first birthdays. 

P.S. Don't you just love the picture of Mike and Sull??? I sure do......

Now for the post that should have been done yesterday..... 

Yesterday was a very important day. It's a special day to spend with your mom and thank her for all that she has done. I am blessed to have two wonderful mothers in my life. My amazing mom, Doris and Mike's mom, Sandy. Both women have raised us to be the best we can be and now we ourselves are parents. 

It was my first Mother's day and I couldn't have imagined a better day. I got to see my mom, my sister and my sister-in-law and spend the rest of the day with my two boys. I feel so blessed to be a mommy to Sullivan. Thank you mom for raising me to be who I am and to give me guidance and advice on how to be mother. I love you!

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