Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Do I look better in this? Or this?

We have 9 days until the Halloween. Even though today felt like end of November. Yes, in this part of Iowa we had our first official snow fall. It started early this morning with a light dusting of snow before rolling out of the house. By 8:00 am the snow had picked up with big, chunky, beautiful snow flakes. The kind that make you want to stay home, snuggle up, watch movies and have yummy soup and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. As much as I hate driving in it, I have a soft spot for the wet white stuff. It definitely is magical and makes me instantly get holiday cheer. That is until it's January, February or even March and it's way below zero, blowing cold and freezing. Then I'm no longer a fan. 

Anyways, to get back on track to the topic of this post. HALLOWEEN! For the past couple of weeks we've been prepping Sullivan with wearing something unusual. Costumes is not in our weekly cycle of attire, at least not yet anyways. For the most part he's grown to be quite a fan of costumes, so we are undecided what he should wear for the big night out. We will be taking your votes until October 29th. Voting poll is along the right side of my page.

Photo on the left is a chicken and photo on the right is a pirate!


  1. They are both way too cute, how can I choose! If he has two occasions he should wear both. I think the pirate narrowly beats chicken if I have to choose!

  2. Sullivan's photo here.... I see your dad.


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