Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2 years ago

This is a special day for Mike and I. Two years ago today we exchanged vows and said our "I dos" confessing our love before God, our family, and friends. It was a beautiful day similar to today. The weather was nice, the day was sunny and the leaves were about to change their color. 

Four of my most memorable moments that day included three important men in my life. First my husband to be, the way he cried with joy in his eyes the first moment he saw me all dolled up and then laughing uncontrollably as he tried to kiss me after we lit the unity candle. Somehow I manage to pull back, not because I didn't want to kiss him, but because I knew we had to wait to kiss until they announced us as husband and wife. Second my father, knowing that this was the last child of his to be married. I knew he was happy for me but a part of me felt he was sad to let go. I'm sure I will experience that someday. I could tell he was holding back the tears as he walked me down the aisle one last time as Jodi Sabelka. And last my brother. It meant so much to me when he came to talk to me right before I was to walk down the aisle. These moments seem like they were just yesterday.

Love is a wonderful thing. Crazy that as we get old and we are married longer how much your love matures and grows stronger. Michael is my best friend. He knows me better than most, yet still loves me through all my flaws. I can be an impatient and "testy" person and he loves me enough to still it out, "go with the flow," and calm me down. He is my anchor. 

Here's to many more wonderful years together. More laughs, cries, ups, downs, celebrations and sorrows. I can't wait to have more kids, more adventures, more changes with him. When we grow old and gray, our two year anniversary will seem like just a distant memory. I love you Michael. Happy Anniversary my love.

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