Saturday, October 12, 2013

Just a perfect Saturday

Today was perfect! I wish all days could be like today; stress free, no work, great weather, family time and nothing to do except run errands and play!

The day was gorgeous, in fact, it was way too nice to stay inside and clean the house. So after a easy going morning we all got ready to run some errands. Mike was home which is great since a lot of his Saturday this summer/fall have been spent at Newbo Market in Cedar Rapids selling shirts for his business Red Piglet. 

On our list today was to go to Hobby Lobby, Martin Brothers and the dreadful Wal-Mart. I despise Wal-Mart for so many reason and try to avoid it at all costs. But usually every couple of months I need an item and I know Wal-Mart will have a good selection and a decent price. Halfway through our errand running Sullivan decides to take an early nap in the car so Mike stays back while I run in and out of the stores. By the time we got home everyone was ready for lunch. 

Since Sullivan already had a nap we decided to take a little walk and stop at one of our new favorite playgrounds afterwards. A couple of blocks from our house is a church that has a fenced in playground that's "just right" for Sullivan. He can climb in and out of things without needing to much assistant and the slides are nice where he can go down them alone. On our walk down there, we scored a free mini wagon. There was a house that had a few things by the curb with a free sign. This little red wagon was too cute not to pass up and I knew Sullivan would love hauling things around in it.

Today we had a lot of family bonding and Sullivan getting our full attention which is hard sometimes during the week when life is so busy. This little boy is growing too fast. Yesterday afternoon he had his 15 month appointment, be sure to check the tab at the top for updated measurements. I remember thinking this little boy will never be big for his age. He was such a little peanut when he was born and it felt like he wasn't growing fast enough. But like Sullivan's personality, everything happens on his time. He is now growing like a weed and he is in the 70th and 80th percentile for his height, weight and head circumference. He also is above average on the learning chart. 

We also have another milestone to document. Sullivan has always loved his paci and seems that whenever he finds it, it always is in his mouth. Now that he's beginning to talk more, I've been having concerns on how his speech will be affected with the paci. Yesterday I decided to hide all of them and not give in at bedtime. I bit the bullet, not knowing if we were going to be up all night, have a crabby kid all day, or if he'd find one and then throw a fit if I took it away. The verdict: he is doing AWESOME! In fact he has forgotten about it except for tonight at bedtime. He usually drinks milk and we rock for a bit before getting laid down. Tonight we did just that except after he drank his milk he seemed to be looking for paci. He didn't cry and quickly got distracted when I told him to give daddy a hug and a kiss good night. Plus today, since we haven't had the paci for at least 24 hours, he's been talking so much more. I can't wait to hear what he's going to say and learn next. He already knows what a cow and a chicken say; he knows how to say Momma, Dada, more, no, hi, bye, and many others he repeats after hearing us. 

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