Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pinterest Activity Time

If you know me best, then you know I am obsessed with Pinterest. This lovely website is amazing! It's perfect for a person like me who is organized, slightly OCD, and loves fun creative ideas/recipes/crafts. I believe I'm past 50 boards by now, but eh, who's counting.

Anyways, Sullivan continues to get more and more active. He gets into things he shouldn't and seems bored with his toys and being stuck indoors. This is going to be a problem since winter hasn't even arrived. 

Today, was an over casted, damp, cold fall day and that means staying indoors. After church, lunch and a nap, Sullivan was getting into everything he shouldn't. His latest tricks are standing on the couch and trying to climb over the edge, getting into the kitchen cupboard that has glass storage and climbing onto a small bench in his room to reach the radio and piggy bank on his bookshelf. All these thing make me a worry wart that he's going to fall and crack his head open or break a bone. So while he was napping I was doing my usual and browsing Pinterest. I found some great one year old activities and decided to pick two that I knew I had supplies for. As soon as he saw me putting things together, he got excited and new something fun was about to happen.

Here's some shots of our day. We colored, sang and dance, read books, put big buttons through a slit in the top of a oatmeal container and shoved cotton balls down a paper towel tube to fill up the dump truck. 

It's days like these I love, and days like these that make me hate Mondays...


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