Friday, October 3, 2014

Potty Training

We've had a potty around the house since Sullivan was around one. I'm talking about the kid training potty. Although we've never put much effort into the process, Sullivan knows the potty, knows what you do with the potty and had used it a couple of times. We would randomly ask Sullivan if he had to go, usually after naps and usually on the weekends when we have more time. 

I always hear you can potty train kids in a weekend, but never thought that would be the case. I had plans to start potty training Sullivan Labor Day weekend but that came and went and found myself nervous to take the plunge. How do you train someone else to go on the potty when all they've known is a diaper? I think this was maybe a bigger hurdle for me than anyone else. Lately anytime we would ask Sullivan if he had to go he would quickly reply "no!" So I left that at that. 

That is until Saturday, September 20th. The morning was usual got up, changed his diaper and then decided to go to the last Cedar Rapids Farmers Market. We got home late morning, ate lunch and Sullivan settled in for his regular afternoon nap. But then something came over me. When Sullivan woke up, I decided to let him run around naked and keep the potty by his side. It's almost like God was telling me this was his time. If you would have asked me that morning if I was going to try and potty train Sullivan I would have said no, not yet. 

So that Saturday afternoon and evening we let him be naked and asked him every 10 minutes. By that night we had only one accident and accomplished going 1 and 2 in the potty. BIG victories in this house. At that moment I decided there was no turning back. Sunday was again the same, naked, potty,  every10 minutes, and M & Ms to reward. Again the only time he didn't pee in the potty was at nap time and right after his nap. That evening we let him go commando under his pajamas. I knew he would pee through the night, but wanted him to feel wet to get his mind prepared for how to know the urge. 

Fast forward to almost two weeks in and things are going great. This week we've battled an illness so it's been hard with not feeling well and going potty. We have had 3 completely dry nights with two being in a row this weekend. We've had minimal accidents at daycare and at home. Sullivan stays dry during nap time and we are working on the communication when out in public. 

I never would have guessed my 2 year 2 month old would be pretty much potty trained. But I'm so glad we are. One more thing off my bucket list!! :)

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