Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cousin Sleepover

This weekend we had the Merrill boys overnight so my sister and her husband could get a way and enjoy some time together. It's my brother-in-law's 40th today so a special celebration just them was the perfect birthday present. I didn't mind one bit that we had two extra boys in our house and Sullivan was giddy all day on Friday anticipating their arrival. 

We had so much fun from treating them to their first Chuck E Cheese trip to frozen yogurt, dinosaur chicken nuggets and ending the evening with a slumber party on our new hide a bed couch watching Inside Out. 

Saturday was perfect including the weather. Mother nature gave us a glimpse of Spring and it seemed everyone was loving it. It also was the day everyone was washing their car at the car wash! While I was out and about with Sullivan and his cousins, Mike stayed home with Jett and they enjoyed a hour walk around Cedar Falls. Seems to me that Jett will love the outdoors just as much as his older brother.

It's perfect weekends like this that fill my happy tank up in preparation for a busy work week and busy first of the month.

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