Tuesday, March 8, 2016

4 Months

Today our little Jett boy turns 4 months!! So crazy how fast time is going. This by far is my favorite stage. He's still a baby, still can't move just yet, but his personality is starting to shine and he's just so fun. 

At 4 months, Jett:
  • drinks about 5 ounces ever 3 hours (although most recently he's being a little selective on his milk)
  • sleeps from 8 :15pm to 6:15am
  • Has rolled over a couple of times but we're still waiting for it to be a regular occurrence (almost there!)
  • Loves when he gets attention and people talk to him
  • Talks up a storm
  • Chews on his hands like crazy
  • No teeth
  • Loves stroller rides & baths
  • Hates getting nails clipped or when left alone too long by himself in a room 
Jett is such a happy little boy and his smile is contagious and makes any day a little brighter. Last I knew he weighed in around 14 pounds but we are waiting for his 4 month check up to update his chart. Sullivan and Jett's friendship is growing. Most recently Sullivan pushes him around the house into his room so Jett can watch him play and I even caught Sullivan "reading" to Jett. I can already tell they will be the best of friends and in no time inseparable.

He is such a blessing to us. We can't thank God enough for the amazing gift of being his parents. 


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