Saturday, June 11, 2016

7 Months Old

Time, SLOW DOWN! I can't help myself having mixed emotions about all these months that come and go. I'm happy that my baby boy is growing up and learning, but sad that another phase is gone and now only a memory. Jett Linus is quite the charmer with the twinkle in his eye and a smile that could light up a room. 

Jett loves his brother, attention from just about anyone, playing peak-a-boo, his blankie, being naked, crawling and his new fav- standing up. He's a wiggle worm with little time to sit still but all the time in the world to explore everything around him. He's fascinated with cords, necklaces, glasses, and water. 

He currently has two teeth on the bottom and chews on everything. Everything except for food. This little stinker is having a tough time adjusting to baby food. He will gag, cry, swat at the spoon and clench his little mouth shut.We've tried fruits, vegetables, finger foods, and puffs. All just are tolerate for a few minutes and then he wants nothing to do with it. So far if I had to say one favorite, it would be the fruit melts. They look like their made of yogurt but are not, he can independently feed himself and they melt fast in his mouth. 

At 7 months Jett army crawls like a baby on a mission, just learned to sit up on his own, and has been sited pulling himself up on low furniture and even couches most recently. 

He's still not sleeping through the night. This started at 4 months and varies. One night he sleeps til 3:00 or 4:00 the next night he's up at midnight or 1:00 and then every 3 hours. Hoping this doesn't continue much longer. We try to let him cry it out only for him to get REALLY angry and wake the whole house up. 

He's short and squatty, has the brightest blue eyes, a tint of red hair, and a spark of personality. He might just be our little terror on wheels. 

We love you Jett! 

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