Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sturgis Falls 2016

Let me back up a bit. The last weekend of June Cedar Falls always celebrates Sturgis Falls. This event draws all the natives back home and thousands of people to our town. Normally I try to avoid it due to the big crowds, hot and sticky days, and the over-priced food vendors. But this year Sullivan and I participated in the parade. It's two hours long and people begin lining their chairs up the night before or early morning to get a good spot. The bank I work for had a float this year and the plan was for Sullivan and I to ride along or walk the parade route with other coworkers and their family. 

Sullivan was pumped until about 20 minutes before it started. Then he wanted nothing to do with the parade. I pleaded and bribed him to just sit in the back of the truck but it was a no go. A quick text to Mike to meet up on the route and 3 blocks in and Sullivan was out. Despite all that I had a great time!

The next day, Mike ran his second half marathon for the year the Sturgis Falls Half Marathon. This early morning run was super humid. As Sullivan puts it "I'm so sweaty just sitting here." Probably not the best this to say around Mike who just got done running 13.1 miles in those temps and heat with hills and bugs and water puddles. Anyways, Mike did great, running at about the same pace as his first race. He's looking forward to possibly running a third later this year.

We finished the weekend off by our first 3D movie, Finding Dory. Sullivan loved the movie and treats, but I think we'll be waiting on a 3D movie for a while and stick to the regular cinemas.  


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