Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pool Side

We had a perfect weekend. When Friday rolls around I get excited, knowing I have the next two full days to spend with my boys. 

This weekend we had some fun! Earlier this week we decided our little plastic pool is just way to small and it was time to invest in some bigger and more fun. Sullivan has outgrown it and Jett's too small to use it himself. The one we chose is still small enough to fit on our back patio but it could easily fit our entire family of 4 in and then some. 

Mike and I think purchasing this new pool may have been the best $40 ever spent. We love it! We spent Saturday afternoon in the pool and took an early lunch today because we all were eager to hope in for a few more hours before the work week starts up again. It was tough getting Sullivan out of the pool this evening, and he's already asking when we will fill it up again. Until next weekend bud..


Besides the pool, sunbathing, and bomb pops, we cooled off indoors watching Jett get more daring standing up and only holding on with one hand or walking along the couch. This kid- he's even "talking" more and more. 

I love my boys and wouldn't want to spend my weekends being with anyone else. Now *sigh* time for another work week.

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