Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

It's starting to feel like spring! Our snow is melting and the temps are finally getting warmer. I have been itching to take Sullivan out for a stroller ride and well....go on a walk. Tonight was the perfect night. After a hectic work week finally coming to an end and Sullivan having an abnormal day at daycare, it was just what we needed. The fresh cool air and the sound of the birds chirping kept my little boy quiet as a mouse during the 35 minute walk. He absolutely loved it!! 

Here a couple of shots of our little stud muffin....

We must have both worked up an appetite because when we got home, Daddy had dinner all ready to go and we were hungry. As Sullivan is getting older he is becoming more and more independent. The last two nights he's insisted on feeding himself. Kind of hard to do with baby food so I've done some looking around to find him "finger foods." 

I forgot to mention in my previous post of another milestone for Sullivan. On Easter weekend he not only figured out how to sit from crawling but he also learned how to pull himself up and stand next to things. Might I add that he's pretty much mastered this new skill and feels the need to stand up next to everything, examples: bathtub, couch, chair, toilet, laundry basket, refrigerator, and closet. His teachers at daycare think he's becoming quite the dare devil. He stands next to everything as well as tries to turn around and hold on with one hand. I'm sure we will have a little walker in no time.

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