Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A date in the park

Today was a wonderful day! Warm temps made us ditch the indoors tonight after work. We decided rather then heating our house any warmer than it already is, we grabbed a couple of pitas and hit the park. I have dreamed about picture perfect nights like these. Surrounded by my boys, enjoying the outdoors and watching my little boy smile with not a care in the world. He makes my heart fill with joy and all my stress and worries of the world go away just watching this little boy absorb his surrounding and everything that's new to him.

Our first trip to the park was great. Sullivan had his supper before we left so Mike and I enjoyed our yummy pitas while taking turns playing with Sullivan and showing him around. He wasn't to sure of the swing at first but loves it as well as the slides. I'm sure there will be many more dates in the park once Spring and Summer decide to stick around. Until then it looks like we will be back to coats, hats and umbrellas for the rest of the week. 

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