Sunday, April 14, 2013

Battle wounds

This weekend was a busy one for us. I had Friday off of work so I could get some appointments out of the way before I start my new position next Monday. I am so ready to this change, I just hope the transition goes smoothly. On top of my appointments, Sullivan had his 9 month check up. To check out his stats look under his growth chart on the right side of this page. Our little boy is healthy and growing like a weed. He used to be in the top percentile for his height and low percentile for his weight. Now he's in the 61st percentile for his weight and the 47th percentile for his height. He sure does love his food.

Saturday, my cousin Melissa had her bridal shower in North Liberty and Mike had an art show in Iowa City for his t-shirt business with one of his good friends, Bryan. Sullivan and I traveled to the shower and then decided to hop over and check out how the show was doing in Iowa City. We had a great time despite our first battle wound. Sullivan is getting more and more daring now that he can stand well and pull himself up. As I was sitting down at the shower, Sullivan decided to pull himself up on me but missed and fell in between me and the folding chair. End result was a scratch by his right eye and right side of his head. 

Mike's show went pretty well for being such a cold day. If you'd like to check out the t-shirt him and Bryan have created go to You can also follow them on facebook or twitter for all the latest happenings.

Today the boys and I are hunkering down at home. We have a clean house and a house full of groceries. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Here's to my last week as a teller!

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