Friday, November 13, 2015

Welcoming Sweet Jett

So life with Jett is pretty awesome. So far he's been an excellent baby. Sullivan has also been doing well in his new, big brother role. He's very good in helping get things, is intrigued with me nursing/pumping and loves to assist with diaper duty. Sullivan talks about Jett as one in our family to his friends at school. Whenever we talk about doing things and going places at home, Sullivan is quick to mention that Jett is coming too. I love that he's quickly adjusted to our newest member. It makes this momma's heart very happy.

Like any normal only child, Sullivan has had a few impatient moments and melt downs but less than I expected. Sullivan is also doing well at night not waking up or getting out of bed when Jett wakes up. And he's also adjusted back into his routine of school again. So far adjusting to two is going smoother than expected. 

We had family and friends come to visit us at the hospital and at our house. I have also been spoiled this week having Mike be at home to help. If only we could do this forever. Next week will be another new transition phase as Mike heads back to work. This means it will be me and the little man Jett at home for the rest of my maternity leave. I'm looking forward to bonding with him and soaking in my time away from work. I know my maternity leave will go fast with two holidays in there and the short days of fall and winter. 

Thank you everyone for the congratulations on Jett's arrival. 

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