Monday, November 23, 2015

First Snow 2015

Well the weatherman was correct on Friday. They predicted a snowstorm and we got a snowstorm. The snow started around 11 am with light flurries and gradually got heavier. By the afternoon we had big snowflakes and the ground was covered. Snow continued to fall through the night to early morning. We were left with a great first snow fall of about 10 inches.

Sullivan was more than excited to get outside and shovel and play. By 8:30 he was all bundled up and ready to help the boys. We live in such a great neighborhood. One were everyone helps one another shoveling and plowing their driveways.

After play was done, what happens next is well, just expected. HOT CHOCOLATE!! Sullivan has his very own "coffee" mug and we made fresh hot chocolate to warm back up.

Here's to a white Christmas, I hope!

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