Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Concert 2015

Sullivan had his first performance last night. Our little preschooler along with his classmates, performed a wonderful Christmas concert. There are 11 kids in Sullivan's class and there are 4 other preschool classes  along with a 3-5 year old daycare to make a total of 108 kids. Add parents, grandparents and other relatives and the place was packed!

We dressed him to style and impress, sent him off to his classroom and waited impatiently until they all came marching in. Once we spotted him my heart sank. This little child of mine marched in wonderfully, looking slightly nervous and anxious to spot us. Here I stood trying to capture photos and video all while in shock of how big and mature he seemed. He listened to his teachers and director wonderfully, sang his little heart out and rang his bell proudly. I would be lying to say I didn't tear up. All the kids did wonderful and at the end of the short concert, we celebrated with a cookie. 

To make the night even better, grandma Nelson and grandma and papa Sabelka came for evening performance as well. Sullivan loved the special night of seeing his grandparents on a school night. That night we talked about how special he was for his grandparents to come all this way to see him sing. 

I couldn't be a more prouder mom last night of the little boy we've raised.

Here's a few clips of his performance.

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