Thursday, December 3, 2015

Santa Baby

Santa. Years past, Sullivan has always been afraid of the big jolly guy. I don't blame him. Wouldn't you be scared of a complete stranger big and tall with a white beard who's trying to ask you questions all while your parents are pushing to have you sit on his lap to take a picture? We've been talking about Santa for a while now, mostly for obedience when we need to remind Sullivan that he's watching and that Santa does not bring presents to kids that don't listen. Not that Sullivan is super naughty, but the little leverage does work! 

After getting back into town from Thanksgiving weekend we decided to visit Santa's workshop on main street. To my surprise, the place was pretty quiet for it being the kickoff. No lines and just a small wait for three little girls to share their Christmas wishes. Sullivan was excited but once we arrived, he quickly started to clam up and suddenly didn't want to see Santa because he was shy. After talking with Sullivan and telling him that if he doesn't talk to Santa, Santa might not know what he wants this year. That trick seemed to work, because Sullivan definitely wants presents. With a little nudge, Sullivan scooted close to Santa, told him he was being good and mentioned what he wanted. Next up, picture time. Santa hopped Sullivan onto his lap, and before we knew it, both were smiling away. Add in a bundled up newborn for Jett's first photo with Santa and we have a picture perfect photo. 

This by far was the best year yet. To see year's past, click here.

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