Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Stay at home mommy

This week I've truly got to experience what it would be like being a stay at home mom. Through most of my maternity leave Sullivan has been going to daycare and school. Since we have to pay for Sullivan's daycare no matter if he's there or not we decided to keep him in his routine allowing Jett and I to have our time together. This week though is Christmas break from school so we decided to keep Sullivan home all week long with Jett and I. 

Things are going well for the most part. Sullivan helps out, boys take naps in the afternoon, we read books, play with Christmas toys, run errands, and color. We even visited daddy at work and made puppy chow. Sullivan has gotten more naps this week which I think might contribute to the 1:30 wake up call this morning. With me getting up every 3 hours in the night to pump, and Jett not going to bed till 10:00, and then waking up between 2:30-4:00 to eat, a 1:00 am start to my day wasn't going to happen. Aside from bedtime, it's been a joy to have both boys home with me. 

This week we also received our first major snow fall. On Monday we got around 10 inches of snow. Since the snow flakes began to fall, Sullivan has been itching to get out and play. Unfortunately, with a newborn our days are spent inside and by the time Mike gets home from work it's too dark outside to play. Last night though, we turned on the outside lights, found his baby sled and those two bundled up to played outside for about 30 minutes. They had a blast in the dark whipping around the sled, trudging through the snow and making snow angels. We are hoping to get out and play some more this weekend. 

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