Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Doc is back

On December 1st Doc, our elf made is annual appearance. Sullivan is getting more into it this year than our previous year, but he still forgets to look for him in the morning. Sullivan enjoys the crazy things Doc does. On the first day, Doc brought Sullivan a letter and put 24 books under the tree. These are old and new Christmas books that we will open one each day counting down to Christmas. This is really enjoyed by Sullivan, and somedays he wants to open more than one. 

Other crazy things Doc has done? He's hung from our dining light, play a sack race with some of Sullivan stuffed friends, ate M & Ms, and road around the house in a red jeep. We have had one day in which Sullivan wasn't being a very good boy so the next morning Doc wrote him a letter saying Santa is watching. Since then things are going much better. If anything, Doc is a way to make the mornings fun and keep our little 3 year old in line. 

More things on our list until Christmas include a snowball fight, making snow angels, zip lining, eating cookies and drinking milk and playing with stickers just to name a few. 

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