Sunday, January 10, 2016

2 Months

Our little Jett has been in our world for 2 wonderful months. It's hard to imagine life without him. He is such a joy and blessing to our family and I can't wait to watch him and Sullivan become best friends. 

At 2 months Jett is growing like a weed. His growth chart shows he's almost at 12 pounds. The boy loves milk, what can I say! He's becoming more active and "talking" more every day. Jett loves attention and loves to be near people both when awake and sleeping. He sleeps great, although we are struggling a bit in trying to transition him to the crib in his own room. But for the most part Jett falls asleep around 9:30-10 and lately he's been sleeping through the night until 6-7 in the morning. Hoping that continues, because this momma is heading back to work. 

Jett loves his play gym, especially kicking his piano. He loves being naked, taking baths, being read to or talked to and has no problem going for car rides. 

We love watching him grow and seeing his personality shine. 

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