Friday, January 8, 2016

Hackman Christmas

This past Saturday evening we had our annual Hackman Christmas get together. I love this day. It's the one time of the year all my aunts, uncles, cousins and their families do their best to get together. For me it's about catching up and talking with everyone about their families. I enjoy seeing all the little kids play together and of course the food is always fabulous. The family always seems to get bigger with either more great-grandkids or one of the cousins bring their significant other. I've lost count of how many people gather around, but in conversation with my grandmother, Jett makes great grandchild number 23. There's 10 girls and 13 boys! I love my large family. 

This year was also extra special for two reasons. The first one being the culverts my grandmother brings every year. This year was the first that my sisters and a few cousins got to help make. Click here for that post. The other special reason is we always do some type of game. This year there were a couple for the kids and a couple for the adults. I was the lucky one and received the grand prize. Check out this beautiful Christmas lap quilt I received from my grandmother. She makes the most gorgeous quilts. I only wish I had a slice of that talent. 

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