Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dinner party with friends!

The week is starting off great! Last night Mike and I headed over to the Barness household for our monthly dinner party. 

Between Mike and I and two other couples we rotate hosting dinner parties every month or so. Last night Bryan and Allison hosted dinner at their house. It was great food, fun games and great conversation. The couple who's turn it is to host is in charge of providing drinks, main course and dessert. 

Our evenings menu started with a yummy salad of pears, apple, cashews, craisins, lettuce and a poppy seed dressing. Usually I don't like to mix fruit with my salad, however this combination was OUTSTANDING....I had two helpings. We also had yummy lasagna, garlic toast and a fabulous dessert truffle of brownies, chocolate pudding, whip cream and fresh raspberries. 

After we had full bellies, we settled in for a good board game, Pictionary. Here's some pictures from the evening. The table was so beautiful, great job Allison!

Have a great week everyone!

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