Monday, January 2, 2012

Great day at home

Today was a very successful day at the Nelson household. Mike and I both slept in and then we got busy to work. Scratched off our to do list: taking down Christmas tree, cleaning the house, taking down our Ellen Street Shepard hooks, making banana bread, pay bills, take nap, work on blogs, then make an amazing dinner of cheesy chicken & broccoli rice bake from and finally this yummy dessert for two. Peach crisp in individual baking dishes! All I did was add brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, quick cooking oats and butter to create the crisp. Once mixed, but a little of the bottom of the baking dishes, then add canned or fresh peaches and cover the top with remaining crisp mix and bake. Two thumbs ups from both of us. Now we are settling in for the night before the workweek begins!

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