Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hackman Christmas

Well the first week of January is in the book for 2012. It's going to be hard to work a full 5 days without it feeling like dragging on. We started the week with Mike not feeling the greatest and ended the week with me not feeling the greatest, mostly a head cold. 

On Saturday Mike and I left to head north to my parent's house. That evening was the Hackman Christmas. Always a good time with great food and conversation. This year we had soup, ugly sweaters, trivia game, and 3 girls pregnant with 5 weeks difference in due dates! Here's a picture of my cousins Amy, due in May and Nicole and I due in June.

My cousin Nicole and I are actually due on the same date! How often does that happen. :) Anyone taking bets of who's baby is born first??

More pictures of the evening including my nephew Derek. And the winner of the ugly sweaters, my cousin Marcus. Great seeing everyone! Have a great week.

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