Sunday, January 22, 2012

Staying inside

Well I've been MIA for the last week and it may be due to our weather. 

We were lucky to have warmer than normal temperatures all through the beginning of January. Then we woke up to snow falling pretty good Friday morning. Through the day all it did was snow, snow, snow. 

After attempting to get my little Ford Focus out the parking spot it had been in all day, Mike had to come to the rescue to get me out. We were so thankful that when we both got home that night our neighbor had plowed our driveway. Thank you Roger! 

So to return my thanks, today after church I baked a batch of Butterscotch Toffee cookies and some banana bread. Mike had never tried these cookies before and since trying one he's been asking to have more. :)  

Stay cozy inside today. Baking is done, naps have been taken, 2012 tax files have been started and now we are settling in to watch football. Life is good at the Nelson house! 

Here's some pictures of our snow, and my treats for our neighbor Roger. We can only hope spring will come soon..

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