Friday, August 3, 2012

4 weeks old today!

Today Sullivan is 4 weeks old! It seems this past week and a half he's really packing on the pounds. I tried weighing him by putting him on the scale with me and it said he weighed just under 10 pounds. I'm not sure how accurate that really is but I do know he's getting bigger!

We are learning more and more about Sullivan every day. Here's some of Sullivan likes.

1. He loves to sleep with his hands behind his head.

2. Sullivan loves to be naked!

3. He loves when his daddy sings to him, especially Mike's "go to" lullaby song.
4. Loves the outdoors.
5. Loves car rides but never falls asleep.
6. Milk!!
7. He loves to look at the skylights.
8. He loves to kick. (But watch out if he's mad!)
9. He loves going to church. (Two weekends in a row where he's slept the entire service.)

Other things Sullivan is not so fond of:
1. Poopy diapers
2. Being gassy (which is why I can now not have anything dairy)
3. Bath Time
4. The swing

I'm sure the list will change and get longer but for 4 weeks it's not too bad. Can't wait to see what he'll look like in another 4 weeks.

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