Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mini Photo Shoot

My time at home is great. I love being at home with Sullivan and wish I could be a stay at home mom. Reality is that I will be heading back to work soon. So soon in fact that next week is my last full week at home. My maternity leave needs to slow down, I feel Sullivan and I need to more bonding time...

We've been pretty low key on my leave. Staying inside because 1. it's too dang hot out 2. I'm still getting comfortable with breast feeding and 3. Sullivan needs to nap and well when he finally does I want to nap too. When we are not napping or feeding I like to just sit and look at Sullivan. He changes everyday. Most days Mike and I are snapping away at the camera at all his little facial expressions.

The other day I decided to have a mini photo shoot with Sullivan. We have two sky lights in our house that give off amazing lighting during the day. Here's some of the shots I took. Enjoy!

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