Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to reality.....

A lot has happened since I last posted. I went back to work part time on the 17th. And Today was my first day back full time. I decided to start back full time early since he's doing so well at daycare. The first day back was worse for me than him.Today, I missed him like crazy but seeing him at 5:25 tonight was the best.

We also got rid of the bassinet and Sullivan is now sleeping in the pack n' play. He's still in our room but the bassinet was getting too small for him. Our little boy is getting taller and taller! At first it was a little difficult for him to get used but each day gets better. We still have our moments, if only that darn pacifier were to just stay in his mouth. Here's a little photo of our baby boy sleeping.

It has definitely been a transition from maternity leave, to part time, to now full time. We will continue to work on a schedule. This week I planned our meals for the work week in hopes that will help our nightly routine. It may only be Monday but I am already looking forward to the weekend.

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