Monday, May 4, 2015


Can you believe it's May already, this year is flying by! We had picture perfect weather this past weekend so we spent most of it outside. Sullivan and I took a trip north to hang out at my parents and family while Mike went to his first Iowa City Farmers Market. 

My parents had some excitement this weekend and I knew Sullivan would love it. Big machines, lots of guys working and cement. Bright and early Saturday morning, cement trucks lined the streets to fill my parents new driveway. We observed from inside the garage with strict orders not to get too close. As carefree as Sullivan is, I was sure we'd have a dip in the "mud," luckily our pep talks worked and we had no accidents. 

This next picture needs further explanation. A few fixes at the end in some hard to reach areas lead to this. Creative minds at work on how to reach the middle of the driveway without ruining everything else, boy was it a nail bitter!

Sunday continued to be beautiful so in the afternoon we spend our time outside again. We planted flowers in planters and got the garden in. This year I'm attempting green beans, tomatoes, spinach, cilantro, and beets. Crossing my fingers that the squirrels stay out. We've already had issues with them. Better up the garden security.  

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