Wednesday, August 12, 2015

3 new parks in 2015

On my bucket list this year, I had a goal to take Sullivan to 3 new parks. Well we did it. Two here in Cedar Falls and the other in New Hampton.

A few weeks ago on a Saturday evening we met my sister and her boys in New Hampton to have a little play date. I remember going to this playground when I was little, in fact, I even had a birthday party hear once. Although some things have changed, most of all the wood equipment is still the same. 

Sullivan had a blast with his cousins exploring the new park and still talks about it. We will have to visit again real soon.

One of the other new parks we explored was this past Sunday evening. Close to home around a little curve tucked behind some trees. This little playground and wide open spaces to run and fly kites. Sullivan wasn't a huge fan of this one mostly due to the sand getting stuck in his toes. Either way he loves parks and it was another new one to try out. 

To view our first new park of the season, click here.

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