Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mrs. Amy

Today was a bittersweet day. For the first time in Sullivan's life we said good-bye to a wonderful care provider. Mrs. Amy has been amazing to our Sullivan. She is patient, kind, loving and full of fun. Sullivan first met her at a daycare center and then moved to her home daycare two summers ago. 

Sullivan begins 3 year preschool tomorrow so we've decided to keep him at the same location for preschool and daycare.  This was a very  very tough decision, but we feel it will better prepare him for school and give him the ability to interact with both boys and girls his age. 

At Amy's Sullivan has made such good friends with all "his girls." He's fallen in love with Reyna and Baby which are Amy & Jim's puppies, and he's been a big helper which will hopefully be to our advantage when his little brother arrives this fall. 

I honestly can't say enough great things about Amy. Maybe it's my pregnancy hormones, but today has been more emotional for me then Sullivan. I'm not a mom who just hands my child off to anyone. Maybe that's why it took us 3 daycare providers later to find Amy and know she's right for our family. Since Sullivan has been at Amy's, I never worried about him and the care he was getting. It only took a few days of her care before he came home and was calling me either "Amy" or Amy-Mommy." Nowdays I rarely get called mommy, for over a year my name has always been "Amy-Mommy." 

Amy holds a special place in Sullivan's heart. He loves her just like our family and I'm sure we have many days ahead of us that he will miss her. 

Sullivan has also met his first "girlfriend" at Amy's. Belle is the first little girl Sullivan called pretty and between Belle and Mackenzie, he definitely protected them and gave them kisses. The good news is we will see Amy again after the baby arrives and we hope to have Sullivan spend some time at her house again next summer. 

Thank you again Amy for everything! We will always stay in touch and will see you again soon. 

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